A burning desire to create, nurtures my spirit, feeds my soul and drives me every day.
My paintings are outward expressions of tangible assets drawn from my life's journey and experiences.

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“The artist’s portrait is often much more than a mere likeness of a person's outer shell. It can represent an insightful panoramic view of a person, their thoughts, emotions and character, all distilled into the quintessentials. The artist’s insight and experience blend as the portrait evolves from a momentary instant in the sitter's life to a timeless and unique vison revealing much about the sitter. Something the camera seldom peers deeply enough to see.”

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“The Still Life is also a favourite genre as I see it as a mini landscape and a stage on which I can play out an event or scenario which in turn gives me reason to engage my imagination and gets me involved in the painting and subject. I like to create a story around a still life by imposing character roles onto the elements within the still life. Character that can almost be human like as they interrelate with each other and make my role as an artist and interpreter much more interesting and inspired.”

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The Landscape and Seascape always gives me reason to be an artist as I am driven to capture and express the light as it illuminates and models the scene before my easel. Here in Australia we are truly blessed and spoilt by stunning beauty, rugged ancient landscapes and picturesque scenes at every turn and here I can really indulge my passion as a painter and artist.

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These photographs are frozen moments in time that I have witnessed and been inspired to capture. My camera is a fabulous tool which I carry with me most times, for it affords instant visual recording of anything that catches my eye and it is a wonderful way to memory peg anything for the future that I may not have had time to accurately capture in my sketch book. However, my sketch book and camera together allow me to merge and blend images and ideas effortlessly from my real and my imagined worlds.

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Don Milner Artist Painter Tutor smiles toward us

“Painting is my passion and Australia offers me a rich source of inspiration which fuels and constantly challenges my artistic endeavors. I choose themes and subjects which draw inspiration from and encapsulate our rich and unique Australian way of life, its characters and scenery, all of which inspire, colour and enrich my world as an artist.”

“I am primarily a Visual Communicator and Story Teller and I celebrate my ‘Freedom of Expression’ through painting mediums such as Acrylic, Oils, Pastel and Charcoal. Inspired by my environment and the characters who inhabit it, my artistic impressions manifest themselves and reflect through my paintings of many subjects and genres, but predominately in Portraiture, Seascapes, Landscapes, and Still Life.”

Special artist influences who inspire me: Rubens, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Godward, and modern day masters such as Norman Lindsay, Ralf Heimans, Richard Schmid, Hal Barton, Herman Pekel, Kevin Beilfuss and many others.

I am inspired and driven to create images using Australian themes, our unique, larger than life Australian characters, the scenery, seascapes, the vast emptiness of the outback, parched and foreboding landscapes, all of which provide endless opportunities and empower my creative spirit to express “That Special Something” ..the true and unique essence of my subjects are revealed.