Artist Statement

Don Milner Portrait Artist Picture

I am an Australian artist and painter and excited to be able to paint images of my Australia. It offers me such a rich source of inspiration that constantly challenges my artistic endeavors as I choose themes and subjects which encapsulate and personify our rich and unique way of life, spectacular and unusual scenery, characters who are seemingly larger than life, ancient spiritual people (Australian Aboriginals), the weird and wonderful animals and birds that live in this incredible country.

From the very early days of my “Artist Journey” I have been amazed and inspired by many of the classic master painters including Peter Paul Rubens and Rembrandt, plus our more recent masters like Salvador Dali and others. During my “Artistic Journey” I have also been fortunate enough to meet many Australian based, very talented fine artists who in turn have inspired me and further fueled my passion and enthusiasm to paint and create and I thank them, one and all for their contribution, inspiration and their art.

Many of the master painters I have studied and who have inspired me to paint were wonderful painters and many were superb at portraiture and this has probably helped influence my current love of “The Portrait” and what it offers an artist like myself. Yes, I believe it is essential to capture a great likeness of my subject, however through paint, I look for opportunities to express more than just the surface layers as I create a timeless visual recording of what that person really looked like, and also those special somethings that made them truly unique in the world.

Choosing to paint in my own way now by combining what I have learnt from those many artistic masters and tempering that with so many of my own life experiences as I practice and fine tune every aspect of my artistic endeavours through painting, and more painting.

I also take every opportunity to share my skills and knowledge with others through regular Painting Workshops where I try to encourage and inspire others to grow and develop themselves as artists in this wonderful world we live in.

My choice of mediums has always been a secondary concern of mine, although Acrylic, Oils, Pastel and Charcoal have predominated. Always my primary focus is to create and express to the best of my ability the true essence of my subject and what that means to me. My approach and painting style has sometimes been referred to as “Traditional” however I am not locked into any particular style of painting as many of my paintings have been expressed in loose brush strokes using a palette of dynamic colours and tone arranged to maximise the attributes and character of my subject. Charcoal on canvas is very special to me as it offers a very earthy, tactile quality, which is combined with strength, immediacy and speed of application. Very tempting to an artist like myself and offers me enormous scope, especially for the dynamic, larger than life characters that abound here in Australia such as our Stockman and Aboriginals (our ancient spiritual people) and for many other portrait applications.

Don Milner Portrait Artist Picture