Don Milner Artist - Painter - Art Teacher

Don Milner Artist Painter Tutor sits holding his  painting brushes in front of his paintings

Don is a professional artist, painter and art teacher with over 35 years' experience. He enjoys and celebrates his art every day and he honours a personal commitment of sharing his knowledge, experience and skills with other artists offering regular themed painting workshops throughout Queensland, Australia and New Zealand.

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“The act of painting and drawing takes me out of my normal conscious world and I begin a journey in an almost trance like, meditative state and it is here that I can really focus my thoughts and energy into my subject and the process,” says Don. “My desire to create is probably close to addiction. Thoughts of painting, drawing and creating are with me always. It gives me the impetus to get up early in the mornings and sometimes keeps me at my craft long into the nights.”

Time spent away from his easel and art studio is essential and serves to recharge Don’s creative batteries. He enjoys visiting art galleries and spending time with fellow artists and creative friends.

“I never travel without my sketch book and camera and each has a positive role in recording my creative art journey. My camera captures moments in time and my sketches record emotional facts about a subject that I can recall and feel at a later time when I want to paint or draw images.”

Highlights of Don’s recent fine art career include winning a “National Portrait Painting Competition” with his painting “Magus” in 2008. Then winning a Queensland portrait painting competition with his painting, “Gypsy Boy” which won Best Painting in the Professional/Advanced category. The prize was a scholarship with the Brisbane Artists Academe in 2009.

Don regularly tutors workshops in Oils, Acrylics, Pastel, Charcoal and Drawing in many and varied themes and genres. Landscape, Seascape, Still Life, Portraiture and many other special themes created for the needs of specific art groups.

I hope I meet up with you soon at one of my Painting or Drawing workshops and we can share some great time learning as you create fabulous paintings and drawings in your favourite subjects.