"COPY YOUR ART" - Clean, crisp, quality photo images..!

Don Milner portrait painting of ballerina

This special art class has been tailored to assist and train Artists and Craft persons to take better photographic copies of their art creations using a digital camera and then utilizing a computer and Photoshop to adjust and manipulate those images for maximum clarity and resolution for various applications including prints, publications, websites and the Internet.

Students attending will require a suitable digital camera with PC Sync flash terminal output and/or a flash hot shoe (So we can sync with a flash) Also you will require a computer (Laptop) preferred and a copy of Photoshop CS4 or similar. (Can be downloaded from the Internet “Adobe” site FREE*) *Trial for 30 days. It would be an advantage for you to bring along your own tripod. If you are not sure, I can advise on a suitable tripod best suited for art copying.

Section of Don Milner portrait painting of ballerina close up

Also bring along one or two of your paintings, drawings or craft work that you would like to copy during the workshop.

I will have a set of two professional studio flash units to copy art in my demonstration and for use by students. This is hands on and learn as we go by participation. All students will get to use the professional flash units I supply and I will give you explanatory notes for all stages of the process so you can refer to them again in the future.

Learn how to take high quality photographs of your art work so it can be reproduced at high quality large sizes with minimum loss of quality. Also learn how Photoshop will assist you to improve clarity and detail within your photographic images.

  • Scale your images with minimal loss of quality.
  • Many tips and tricks at every stage.
  • Understand how to light your art for best results and colour accuracy.
  • How to avoid reflections from the painting surface.
  • Enhance colours and better match the true colours of your originals.
  • Correct Pinching and Barrelling on your photographic copies using Photoshop ..and much, much more..