The "DRAWING" - Fundamentals of Good Drawing..!

Don Milner drawing of young girls face

Learn the fundamentals of good drawing in this introductory art course designed to give beginners a good foundation in how to draw so you can be creating great images sooner. Any willing person can learn to draw with these art classes and be drawing great pictures sooner than you think.

Learning the fundamentals of good drawing is the most important skill any art student can learn and through these well considered, step-by-step Drawing classes, you will acquire all the fundamental skills necessary for you to draw and create great drawings. This is an easy to understand, proven method which raises student skills levels and introduces techniques which allow you to quickly and confidently draw more challenging subjects.

Through these classes you will gain all the fundamental drawing tools necessary to get started quickly. With this great introduction to drawing you will also appreciate the wonderful pleasure of knowing you can draw just about anything with confidence and get a great result that actually looks just like your subject.

Any willing student can learn how to draw and this program is a great way to get started with simple, step-by-step drawing techniques that build, one on top of the other to form a robust and solid foundation filled with great techniques that grow your abilities which you will use and reuse into the future.

Don Milner charcoal drawing of lioness

You will only be limited by your imagination after this and the more you practise your new found drawing skills, the easier it all becomes. You will forever appreciate having done these drawing classes and the solid and comprehensive grounding of drawing it gave you.

There will be lots of useful drawing Tips and Tricks with valuable information on composition, drawing techniques, tonal mapping, shade and light, as well as tonal values. Best results come from practise and in this workshop there’s ample opportunity to incorporate your new drawing skills and techniques into your artistic repertoire as you apply them throughout the drawing classes.

This course offers:-

  • Introduction:- (Pencil drawing and correct drawing materials)
  • Techniques:- Outline, Contour Drawing, Shading and Tonal Rendering, Construction and Framing Up, Circles and Ellipses, Creating Patterns for Effect, Measuring Up, Perspective Basics, Object Spacial Relationship. Design and Composition, and much more...