"DRAWING" - Essentials Of Drawing - (The Next Step)

Don Milner charcoal drawing of aboriginal elder man

In these drawing classes our focus is to continue to develop on the concept of good and better drawing through practise which builds upon the skills achieved from the previous drawing workshop.

Building on the previous learning from “Fundamentals of Drawing” we now take the skills learnt and grow them into a comprehensive and dynamic set of skills that each art student can continue to grow and develop into their own unique way and apply throughout their entire artist journey.

Learning good drawing techniques and practising them until they become instinctual is one of the most important lessons any student of the arts can achieve and through this well considered, easy, step-by-step Drawing Program, you will acquire all the essential skills necessary to draw and create amazing pictures. This is an easy to understand, tried and tested method which introduces new levels of drawing techniques and advanced concepts from which students gain the discipline and self confidence that allows them to quickly and accurately draw much more challenging subjects.

Don Milner graphite pencil drawing of horse, milkman and hen running” /></p>

Students who have previously completed the “Fundamentals of Drawing” course or already have a modest degree of drawing skill can learn to draw much better from doing this program. This course takes you to much higher levels of understanding and grows your existing abilities exponentially. A set of techniques that build, one on top of the other will form a robust and solid platform and set of tools filled with great techniques which still allows a lot of latitude to develop your own unique abilities as you explore your own visions through drawing. Over time, you will continue to grow all that you have learnt and fine tune it as you practise, use and reuse these Essentials of Good Drawing into the future.

You will only be limited by your imagination after this course and the more you practise, the easier it all becomes. You will forever appreciate having taken the next step and completed this ‘Essentials of Drawing’ program with the solid and comprehensive foundation to drawing that it gave you.

This course offers:-

  • The next step:- Explore how to get more from the materials you're using for the very best results
  • Techniques - Advanced:- The next step to Outline and Contour Drawing, Shading and Tonal Rendering, Construction and Framing Up, Complex shapes and lighting, Advanced concepts (Instinctual and Free Form), Creating Patterns for Effect, Measuring Up, Perspective, Object Spacial Relationship, Design and Composition, and much more...