The "LANDSCAPE" - Serene or Bold & Beautiful..!

Don Milner oil painting landscape “Three’s a Crowd”

In Australia we are truly blessed and spoilt by painting subjects with stunning beauty, rugged ancient landscapes and picturesque scenes at every turn and here you can really indulge your passion as a painter and artist.

“Picturesque and serene, bold and beautiful” the many moods, phases and characters of landscape painting. From sandy beaches on The Sunshine Coast to blue violet mountain ranges, or heat mirages shimmering above hot desert rocks and everything in between.

Painting classes for Acrylic, Oil and Pastels.

* Workshops are suitable for both Beginners and Intermediate Students (Artists wanting to learn how to paint for the first time and those who already paint and want to learn more to improve their paintings, their techniques and overall knowledge)

* These art classes offer an ideal opportunity for all artists to gain lots of practical experience and insight from Don’s many years of painting experience. Learn how easy it is to get started, mixing and applying colours, painting from photos through to much more advanced concepts and techniques in the various mediums. Art students paint as they learn and grow their skills while practising and refining newly acquired painting techniques.

* Don also does live class demonstrations to better illustrate his techniques and explains every easy step along the way to assist art students to understand how he does it and how they can incorporate these techniques into their own painting repertoire

Don Milner landscape painting in oil “Bathed in Morning Light”

* Artists are encouraged to pro-actively participate in the painting lessons with hands on practise of Don’s demonstration painting to apply what they are learning. Don will be there every step of the way to offer his expert advice and oversee their entire painting process and development. Students get a great opportunity to practise, refine and apply new techniques acquired from the workshop and incorporate them into their own painting process and gain more advanced levels of understanding which they can reuse in the future.

* This workshop also offers a substantial insight into each of the paint mediums and how you can get the best from them as you paint. Explore and learn heaps about the painting process and get lots of painting tips, tricks and extra information to develop better techniques and grow higher skill levels sooner.