The "PORTRAIT" - Paint A Great Likeness..!

”Oil portrait painting commission of  “Aliyh Mahtafar”

These Portrait Workshops are designed to familiarise any willing art students with the many skills and techniques required for them to paint and better understand ‘The Portrait’. (People & Animals) Don will take you step-by-step through his Portrait Painting processes for a greater understanding of how to capture the subjects individual character by using correct proportions, light and shade, colour and tone and much more. Learn as you practise through painting and drawing exercises designed to give you the skills to get a good likeness of your subject no matter what the medium.

Portrait classes available for Acrylics, Oils and Pastels

* Workshops are individually tailored to suit student skill levels.
Beginner and Introductory: (Artists wanting to learn how to paint for the first time)
Intermediate and Advanced: (Artists who already paint and want to learn more to improve their painting skills, their techniques and overall knowledge)

Students attending these portrait classes will build and develop a set of skills and techniques which they can include into their everyday painting repertoire. The objective is for students to create better, more life like portraits of their favourite subject sooner. The format and structure of each workshop is based on sensible and well considered exercises designed to deliver the best possible outcome appropriate to the experience level of the individual art student.

Concepts and procedures are introduced to students in a timely and appropriate way so that they grow good habits which allow them to paint and draw with more ease and confidence. The set of exercises employed are designed to give each student a great set of painting and drawing tools which they can tailor to suit their own individual approach to subject choices.

Acrylic portrait painting of dog in beach scene


Throughout the entire workshop, Don is there to assist and advise each student where required. He also conducts live, in-class demonstrations which offer students a privileged insight into the process at every stage and these are always accompanied with generous and informative commentary so students get the complete picture of techniques, process and application so they gain a far better understanding sooner.

Time is also spent getting familiar with the face and body proportions. We then examine and paint several facial features as exercises, then when students have more confidence and a better understanding, a final portrait is painted to completion. A lot of the information is also contained in handout sheets given to each student.

Answered in the workshops:
  • * How to plan and prepare for a portrait is a huge part of getting started and getting it right the first time so appropriate time is spent here to explain each step along the way to get the best possible outcome for every willing student.
  • * Solving many of the problems associated with painting a portrait along with general painting issues that most students are confronted with during the painting process. Proportions, skin colour and tones, under painting, composition, etc..
  • * Also how to take the best photographs for portrait painting and what is the best lighting to use and how to light the subject. How to interpret a great portrait from your photo.