The "SEASCAPE" - Waves, Beaches & Clouds..!

Don Milner acrylic seascape painting “Sunshine Beach Clear Day”

Seascape always gives any person reason to be an artist and driven to capture and express the light as it illuminates and transforms the scene before your easel. In Australia, we are truly blessed and spoilt by stunning beauty, rugged coastlines and picturesque scenery at every turn.

“Unspoiled beaches bathed in generous sunshine creates special places in our hearts, in our minds and on our canvases.“


Seascape painting classes available for Acrylics, Oils and Pastels

* Seascape workshops are individually tailored to suit student skill levels.
Beginner and Introductory: (Artists wanting to learn how to paint for the first time)
Intermediate and Advanced: (Artists who already paint and want to learn more to improve their painting skills, their techniques and overall knowledge)

Don Milner, will unlock the mysteries of Acrylics, the richness of Oils or the immediacy of Pastels as he leads you through the process of creating great seascape paintings.

These painting classes bring with them much learning with many great techniques and skills that are essential to create a successful seascape painting.

Learn how to capture and express the various moods of the sea, the colours to use and how to mix, clouds, skies, the amazing light, golden sands, beach grass and all things required to achieve a successful painting. Waves and their many forms, stormy tempests to calm and serene all require various techniques, colours and painting processes and here is where you can learn all that and more. Discover how to capture brilliant light into your paintings and create wonderful depth from good understanding of colour and tones, perspective and form.

Paint the coastal vegetation and grasses that look like the real thing in only minutes, not hours of frustration and struggle. You will learn and understand how to create an appropriate under painting that will enhance and improve the final colours of your painting. Water that looks like water, rich, deep colours and mysterious or wild and alive with movement. Mix colours with confidence and learn brush techniques that simplify the process and give you amazing results quickly.

Create realistic clouds or glorious clear blue skies over deep turquoise waters, or learn how to express the power and fury of a storm at sea as the waves churn and crash with reckless abandon.

Learn How you can get started..
  • Learn how to paint great, real looking waves and translucent water or turbulent angry surf with confidence.
  • Paint with confidence using colour and tone to create depth and distance to add volume to your seascape paintings.
  • Don is there to help you at every stage of your painting.
  • Many tips and tricks included into these easy step-by-step seascape painting processes ..and much, much more..