The "WORKSHOP" ..Where your art learning begins..!

Don Milner, artist, painter, tutor paints a pastel portrait of a lady called Jenny G

Here’s where your artistic journey really starts and great art learning happens. Workshops are the Boiler Room... “The Cauldron of Learning”.. Where like minded people gather for a common purpose. “Painting, Drawing, Creating & Learning” in a nurturing, friendly and artistically rich and fertile environment.

Magical things happen in the art workshop as students acquire, learn, practise and grow artistically as they apply their new found skills and knowledge. The very things they will take home with them to use and reuse so they can aspire and grow to higher levels of achievement and confidence in their painting and drawing abilities.

Here’s where art students get to benefit from Don Milner’s vast artistic talents and abilities gathered over a lifetime of constant questioning, searching, learning, and practising his painting and drawing. Students progress through a carefully considered and choreographed, step-by-step easy learning painting and drawing programs designed to expand and grow students on many levels.

The content and format of each art workshop and art class have been carefully considered and designed to deliver the very best outcomes to all willing art students. They learn by applying and practising their new skills during the art classes on a project painting or drawing under Don’s watchful eye and supervision. This approach works and gets great results.

“Learn to Paint.. as you Paint to Learn” is the motto.

Art student Cheryl smiles as she stands in front of her Acrylic painting and flowers painting

PAINTING Workshops

There will be lots of useful painting and drawing Tips and Tricks with valuable information on mediums, composition, under-painting, tonal mapping, shade and light, colour and hue values, etc.. Best results come from practising while you’re painting and in these art classes there’s ample opportunity to incorporate your new skills and techniques into your painting and drawing repertoire as you apply them throughout the art class.

Learn How you can get started..
  • Live in-class painting and drawing demonstrations.
  • Friendly and nurturing environment.
  • Hundreds already benefiting from these art classes.

Art student Cherry standing and shows off her Wombat charcoal drawing on canvas

DRAWING Workshops

Drawing is the foundation and grass roots of any artistic journey. It has been practised throughout the centuries and has always delivered great learning at every level of artistic endeavour. It is both cost effective and convenient as it can be practised almost anywhere at minimal cost outlays. Improve your powers of observation. (Learning to see.. Not just to look) Learn about tone, form, line, shape and perspective all with this simple and humble medium.

Learn How you can get started..
  • Get drawing right away.
  • Proven easy to learn drawing lessons.
  • Easiest and most cost effective way to learn art.